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4 ways Bankline could make your life easier

Higher transaction volumes, the need for increased security, and a larger team are all signs of a growing business. They can also present new challenges in day-to-day account management.

The good news is, Bankline has solutions to keep things running smoothly. 

Free training when you need it

Bankline features serve you best when you feel confident using them.

Bankline webinars give you free access to our experts and a chance to uncover the full potential of your Bankline profile.

Every week, we offer a series of webinars on payments, administration, and security. These are especially helpful if you’re setting up Bankline for the first time, but are equally valuable if you’re looking for a refresher on product features and updates.

We recommend: Creating and managing users for administrators to make sure your users have access to what they need, when they need it, and Bankline security for administrators to optimise your security set up.

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Take Bankline with you (almost) anywhere

If your business isn’t tied to an office, you shouldn’t have to be either.

Bankline Mobile allows you and your team to complete key actions from wherever you are. The user privileges set up on desktop Bankline will carry over automatically, so you can check balances and recent transactions, raise and approve domestic payments, search templates, and deposit cheques—all without a Smartcard reader.

Plus, you can get Bankline alerts for payments awaiting approval right on your home screen.

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Stay on top with Bankline Alerts

Bankline Alerts is a new fraud prevention tool which allows you to opt into email alerts (and push notifications on Bankline Mobile) for payment activity.

You can set thresholds for payments you’d like to be alerted about, receive alerts for certain types of payments, and now, based on your feedback, you can receive alerts for rejected and expired payments.

You told us that expired payments can be hard to find (and easy to forget about). Now, you can get a Bankline Alert at 8am reminding you of any expired payments from the previous day.

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Find exactly what you’re looking for

The ability to search for payments with precision is key, and we designed our payment search with that in mind.

When searching transactions, you can use as many or as few of the filters as you need, including payment amount, payment status, date ranges and transaction types.  

If you’re not sure which account a payment is on, the search function will search across all your accounts. For example, if you’re searching for a payment approved by a specific user, the results will show the approved payments by that user across all your accounts.

If you’ve received a Bankline Alert about an expired payment, you can find the payment quickly by using the ‘payment status’ filter and selecting ‘expired’. Any expired payments will appear in your search results so you can resolve the issue.

Looking for more tips and guidance?

We’ve got a selection of new training videos to walk you through your account features. Find the full range of videos here.

To share your views and get involved with Bankline user testing for new features, you’re welcome to sign up to our Bankline customer panel:

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If you’re not a Bankline customer and think these solutions could benefit your business, find out more and apply.

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