Videos to help you get the best out of Bankline


Get to know Bankline’s security controls to keep your business protected

Bankline security settings

A guided tour of the key security settings in Bankline and how to use them.

Dual administration

Dual administration helps keep your profile secure, see how to edit this setting.

Videos for Bankline users

International payments

This video will guide you on additional information on international payments and where to place it. 

Transaction information requests

Step by step instructions on all the information you can request for transactions on Bankline

Accounts page

Get to know the accounts page, the balances that can be displayed, account sets and transactions’.

Bankline Mobile

Take Bankline on the go and approve payments without the need for your smartcard and reader.

Deposit cheques in the app

See how quick and easily you can use the app to deposit cheques.

Videos for administrators

As an administrator you can create users, manage what they can do in Bankline and control your profile settings. 

Roles and users

Learn how to control who is set up on Bankline and what they can do.

Dual authorisation

This setting requires two or more people to approve payments – see how it works to keep you safe.

Adding international payment countries

Learn how to set and change which countries you can send to.

Dual controls of lists and templates

See how to keep lists and templates secure with dual controls. 

User payment limits

See how to customise payment limits for your users.

Account servicing

Account Servicing lets you get everyday banking tasks done through Bankline, without having to pick up the phone or send off forms. See how easy it is in these short videos.

Setting up Account Servicing

How to stop a cheque

Change your business address

Open additional accounts

Order chequebooks and paying in books

Bankline training webinars

Learn from our experts in these free, interactive webinar sessions. Book your place today to discover the full potential of Bankline.

Bankline blog

Read the latest news and interviews from the world of Bankline.

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