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What is Bankline for Communities?

Our online service is tailored to the banking needs of clubs, societies and charities. 

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Manage money together within your group. Our unique digital service let’s groups setup multiple users and digitally sign payments together – just like co-signing a cheque!

If you have a Community Bank account, have a minimum of 2 and up to 4 signatories and have an annual turnover less than £100,000, you are able to apply for Bankline for Communities.


If you don’t have a Community Bank account with NatWest you can join us here.


Why Bankline for Communities?


Mandatory dual authorisation of online payments and administration for enhanced security

Secure access and clever controls to keep your accounts safe

Raise and approve payments as a team

View all your balances and transactions online at any time

Easily add and manage users in your organisation

Zero fees – no extra fees to those associated with your business current account.


Additional benefits available to our customers

Bankline Mobile

A secure mobile app from NatWest that complements our Bankline for Communities service. Raise and approve payments securely on the go, without a Smartcard reader.

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Deposit cheques on the go

You can deposit your cheques digitally using our cheque scanning feature in Bankline Mobile, limits apply.

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Who can use Bankline for Communities?

Your organisation is eligible to participate if you:

  • have a NatWest community account
  • have a minimum of 2 and up to 4 signatories*
  • have an annual turnover less than £100,000

*If you have more than 4 signatories on your account, click here to update your mandate to a maximum of 4 signatories. After your mandate has been updated, you would be eligible for Bankline for Communities.

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Bankline gives you the flexibility to view all your business accounts on one profile, make payments securely, and create multiple users with different access levels. 

Please note Bankline is not available for sole traders or unincorporated clubs or societies.

See how Bankline for Communities compares to Bankline (PDF, 37KB)

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Online Banking

Manage and keep track of your finances online 24/7 wherever you are. Online Banking offers a daily gross payment limit of £50,000 (subject to available funds).

If you only have 1 signatory or do not want dual authorisation, Online Banking may be more suitable for your organisation.

See how Bankline for Communities compares to Online Banking (PDF, 38KB)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bankline for Communities: a trip to Shoreham

Hear from the Shoreham Society about their experience with Bankline for Communities, and how it works in practice

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Download our factsheet and share with members in your organisation or community groups who may benefit from it. 


Visit our Bankline Help & Support section where you can access Bankline for Communities FAQs, support guides and webinars.

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