Manage your signatories

How to add, change or remove signatories on your account

  • The easiest way to add, change or remove signatories on your account is by completing one of the forms below
  • To avoid delays or having to start again, it's important to select the right form

What changes can I make using the form?

  • Authorise individuals (known as Authorised Signatories) to do banking on your account, from making payments to authorising transactions
  • Permit individuals to view account balances and transactions, but not manage them
  • Add or remove signatories, or change the details of an existing signatory

Which form do I complete?

You’ll need to complete one of the two forms below. Have a read and if you’re still not sure whether you’re a Business or Commercial customer contact us for some help.

Commercial & Corporate customers

This form may be right for you if:

  • Your turnover is generally in excess of £2m annually
  • Your day to day contact team is your Customer Service Team

Frequently asked questions

Need assistance? Get in touch

If you’re not sure which form is right for you, start a chat with our virtual assistant Cora.

Cora will gather a few details then get you to a member of the team who’ll be happy to help.

Or give us a call on:

0345 711 4477 (24 hours)

18001 0345 711 4477 (Relay UK)

0044 870 511 4477 (from overseas)

Anything else we can help you with?

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