Manage what you pay

Understanding your bank account charges

How our digital fees work

We charge for digital and automated payments made via Online, Mobile or Telephone Banking as well as Direct Debits and Standing Orders.

And our fees for handling cash

Cash and cheque handling fees in branch are always more expensive than their digital counterparts. 

* You’re charged £0.70 per £100 in addition to £0.70 manual fee per item so if your cash transaction is for £150, you'll be charged £1.75 in total. 

** The manual transaction fee is not applied for cheque deposits made via the Mobile App and/or payments in via Cash and Deposit Machine.

Our full charges

Other ways that could help you save

Keep an eye on your cash flow

Understanding your cash flow is key to saving money. When you can spot where your money's going out and coming in, you can also work out the best times to schedule payments etc. We've got five simple steps you can take to manage your cash flow better. There's also a handy template to fill in which will help you create a cash flow forecast, ideal to have on hand when it comes to business planning and forecasting.

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Our credit cards

It can be cheaper to pay with a credit card, if you plan ahead. When you use your business debit card, you’ll be charged 0.35p (on Standard Tariff) for each transaction. But, with a business credit card there’s no transaction fees for sterling purchases. You’ll be charged an annual card fee and interest on anything you borrow. So depending on how many transactions you make and interest you owe, you could reduce your bank charges.

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How to make going digital easy

There's lots of ways to pay less and be even more efficient digitally, business-wise. Here's a couple of ideas to get you started:

Sign up for Online Banking to do more digitally

Doing most of your banking online, or through the mobile app means you can be sure you're setting yourself up to pay the lowest fees possible. It also means you can bank at any time that suits you and get things done.

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Use new digital solutions for customer payments

A simple solution that means you won't need to handle cash, our payment solution Tyl could make it easy for your customers to pay you for goods and services. Eligibility criteria and fees apply.

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Make the most of Apple and Google Pay

Although it’s a super simple way to pay, using digital money services means you’ll only  be charged a 35p transaction fee for each transfer. It's cheaper for you, and easier for your customers, who no longer need to pay you cash.

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See our business accounts and what else you get

When you bank with us, you're getting more than just a bank account. 


Bankline's designed for making business banking easier for big businesses. It gives you the flexibility to view all your business accounts on one profile, make payments securely, and create multiple users with different access levels, and could also help you save by creating bulk payments.