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Six newsletters worth subscribing to

Wading through the inbox can feel like a never-ending chore, so it’s always helpful to discover something that’s actually worth reading.

1. Blooming Founders

Suggested by Ana Freccia, founder of YourHouseLondon, an accommodation agency that matches expats and students with available rooms in the capital.

Blooming Founders is a start-up support network for women that currently connects more than 2,500 founders, advisers and investors, and its weekly newsletter is filled with business tips and information about forthcoming events that Freccia finds invaluable.

“It inspires me to do better, to read more about what I do, to learn with the events that they offer and to see that owning a business is a challenge that can be shared – the good and the bad,” she says. She especially likes the inspirational quote that starts each newsletter, which is designed to put a little spring in the reader’s step.

2. The Grocer

Suggested by Shelly Greenway, partner at the Strategy Distillery, an innovation consultancy based in London and Bristol.

The Grocer’s daily newsletter is a must, says Greenway, for anyone who works in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry – and given that many of the Strategy Distillery’s clients are in that sector, she feels its daily industry news is essential reading for her team, too.

“It’s not what you would traditionally think of as a ‘business newsletter’ because it’s not dry,” she says, “and it makes reading the machinations of the UK’s food industry really interesting. I recommend business owners have a mix when it comes to newsletters – those from industry figures they admire, and also ones that contain bang-up-to-date information about the industry they work in.”

3. Steve O’Hear’s In The Know

Suggested by Rebecca Geller, who runs a boutique tech PR consultancy based between London and Tel Aviv.

This monthly newsletter takes a deeper look at the stories that form the basis of tech journalist O’Hear’s most recent scoops, and as a PR in the tech field, Geller finds it fascinating. “As Steve is a well-established TechCrunch journalist, he covers the start-up community in Europe from both business and tech angles, and in his newsletter he shares exclusive insights into the personalities behind the companies and the backstories,” she says.

Being aware of such an influential journalist’s focus and views is key to pitching the right story at the right time, adds Geller, and because O’Hear has featured her clients, she says it’s important that she has as much information as possible to boost her chances of a successful pitch. Whatever your sector, there are likely to be influential players whose thoughts would be well worth knowing in order to have the “inside edge”.

It’s not what you would traditionally think of as being a ‘business newsletter’ because it’s not dry

Shelly Greenway
Partner at the Strategy Distillery

4. Investors Chronicle: The Trader's Outlook Daily

Suggested by Marc Trup, CEO and co-founder of Arthur Online, a property management software company based in London.

Every day when this arrives in Trup’s inbox, he tries to find a few moments to digest its take on the world’s headlines. “It’s the most important global news of the day and can be read in 30 seconds or less,” he says. “I find it useful because it’s very helpful to know the news before speaking to clients, especially as topics which impact the property sector are often in the headlines, such as rate rises or trade talks.”

The newsletter’s writers are limited to just two short paragraphs, says Trup, and because of this he feels they’ve developed an uncanny ability to pick the most important news of the day.

5. Think With Google

Suggested by Adam Gore, MD of online retailer FindMeAGift.co.uk.

Think With Google is the global tech giant’s daily look at marketing research and digital trends, and because it’s created by such an all-knowing brand, it’s usually a compelling read, says Gore. “Google is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to all things now and future – certainly when it comes to the internet, which is why it appeals to me,” says Gore, who adds that taking heed of what the company has to say about industry trends has been beneficial to Find Me A Gift’s growth.

“I’ve found that nine times out of 10, Google’s predictions tend to come true,” he says. He cites, for example, the way in which Google was evangelising about the importance of mobile-friendly websites way ahead of the curve; he listened and ensured his website was optimised for mobile users – and has never looked back.

6. Backlinko

Suggested by Barrie Smith, digital marketing consultant at Receptional, an online digital agency based in Bedfordshire.

The brainchild of SEO master Brian Dean, this newsletter typically arrives in Smith’s inbox (and the inboxes of another 92,000 people) every two or three weeks, and it’s chock-full of the very latest SEO and online marketing techniques – complete with in-depth, step-by-step guides about how to implement them.

“If there’s a certain subject in the world of online marketing that I haven’t taught myself, Backlinko is my go-to resource for advice and guides,” says Smith. “You could be a novice before reading Brian’s guides and come away feeling like a pro.”

Smith says that signing up for the newsletter is a no-brainer for anyone who wants to make their business website more visible (and more appealing) to Google.

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