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NatWest Carbon Planner

Could cutting your carbon, cut your costs?

Discover a more sustainable future with NatWest Carbon Planner

Reducing emissions for your business is challenging. With limited resources and multiple priorities, it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts.

Carbon Planner is free to use for any UK businesses and could support you to become a more sustainable and climate conscious organisation, and help you to identify potential cost and carbon savings too.

How it works

  1. Give us a few details to help us work out your estimated carbon footprint.
  2. Set targets to build an action plan to reduce your emissions. We’ll suggest where to focus your efforts for the biggest impact.
  3. Explore products and resources that could support you with actions which could reduce your carbon emissions, cut costs and help you to achieve your targets.
  4. Use the insight gained from the tool to share your climate journey within your organisation.

How’s your carbon footprint stacking up?

New feature: Now, when you enter your annual revenue and industry type, you can learn how your carbon footprint stacks up against the industry average.

You’ll then receive tailored recommendations to add to your action plan that could help you reduce your emissions and cut costs.

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What users say

Over the last year we’ve talked to over 1000 organisations to help shape the direction of the service. Here’s some general themes that came out of these discussions…

  • Provided a much-needed starting point for organisations and has united whole workforces to work towards a shared climate goal
  • Encouraged organisations to review their ways of working and highlighted day-to-day activities that contribute most to their carbon footprint
  • Suggested surprising, unique and new actions that organisations hadn’t considered before
  • Presented quick wins to help organisations lower their emissions as well as potential long term cost reductions


Support for your business

Climate hub

We have guidance, solutions and resources to help your business, wherever you are on your climate journey.

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Sustainability insights

Get the latest sustainability focussed business articles and podcasts produced by our industry experts.

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Energy saving ideas

Energy-saving tips and ideas to support with reducing your business energy bills.

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