Running your business

Getting the most from your staff

Tips to boost engagement

Staff who are passionate about their work, committed to and proud of the business want to give their best every day – which is why engagement matters. Here’s a few ways to make it work:

  1. 01

    Lead by example

    Behave how you want your employees to behave - it’ll set the tone for the company.  

  2. 02

    Be inclusive

    Ask everyone’s opinion, and make people feel their contribution is valid.

  3. 03

    Be clear

    Know your purpose and values, why your business does what it does. 

  4. 04

    Be available

    Make sure your staff see you regularly, and chat to as many people as you can.

  5. 05

    Reflect staff values

    Employees want to work for organisations that meet their ethical, social and environmental responsibilities. 

  6. 06

    Show gratitude

    Small gestures, such as regularly praising your employees who have done a great job on something, can improve perceptions of how much they’re valued in the company.

  7. 07

    Be flexible

    Offering staff the opportunity to work from home can be a great bonus. Our working from home article has more about how to manage homeworkers and ways to get your homeworking basics right.

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