Helping transform your business travel with virtual card payments

onecard Virtual Travel

Improved business travel spend management and reconciliation

onecard virtual travel allows for more infrequent travellers and contingent workers to book and pay for a wide range of travel expenses centrally.

A virtual card solution that centralises travel spend with one TMC

Tailored for low cost airlines, hotel, car hire and rail bookings

Integrated with many of the UK’s largest TMCs


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Improved compliance

Single use VCNs and rich travel data are captured upfront and automatically allocated to cost centre, improving reconciliation, auditing and visibility of spend

Enhanced data and matching for low cost carriers, hotels, car and rail


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Greater opportunities

Centralised, secure payments across more categories of spend, reducing the risk of fraud for all parties

Capture more spend centrally – Allows more travellers to pay for travel centrally, lessening the hassle of reimbursements, with the potential to earn more rebates or favourable pricing from the travel agency


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Learn about onecard Virtual Travel

Learn how onecard Virtual Travel by NatWest can help transform your organisation's business travel, through the use of virtual card payments.

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