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What is Payit™️?

With Payit, your customers can make secure, fast payments directly from their bank account, via mobile banking. No need for you to collect customer account details.

Payit's got bank grade security too, which helps keep you safe, you can send and request money via the NatWest app from anyone who uses mobile banking and has an eligible account with a participating UK bank.

Watch how Payit has helped Sam get paid in seconds

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How to request money

1. Open Payments on your NatWest mobile app

2. Click on 'Request money' tile

3.  Pick from sending a link or showing a QR code 

4. Choose whether you need an Anytime link or a One-time link

5. Get paid quickly & securely 

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How to send money

1. Open Payments on your NatWest mobile app

2. Click on 'Send money' tile

3. Select 'Pay someone using a link'.

4. Enter the payee’s name, a reference and how much you are sending

5. Generate your link that can be sent via any messaging service on your device 


Settle payments quickly, to improve your cashflow


Get paid by your customers in a few easy steps


No need to share account details, just send or request a payment from your NatWest mobile app


Stay in control by getting a notification when you have been paid

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Take card payments?

Explore all your options for taking card payments with Tyl by NatWest.

Tyl eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

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Bank somewhere else and want to use Payit?

It’s available to NatWest mobile app customers with an eligible account, so you could think about switching to us.


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