At the start of this year, the only way to get your SEPA payment sent the same day through Bankline was to pay for an ‘urgent international’ payment, which would cost you £15 each time. This was because our only payment cycle for SEPA payments was at 7am.

We knew that we could do better. Our team wanted to make sending payments more convenient and save you money too.

So we’ve revamped things backstage and added a new 2pm payment cycle, opening up SEPA payments for same day delivery. If you get your payment raised and fully approved on Bankline by 2pm, we’ll send it right on for you.

This also means that your same day SEPA payments will cost the same as your future dated SEPA payments: 45p.

We don’t want anyone to miss out on the lower rate so, if you’re sending a same day payment to any SEPA-qualifying country before 2pm, we’ve set it as the default. If you select the ‘urgent international’ payment type, Bankline will check if you’d rather use the cheaper option.

Final thoughts

Our Core Payments team are glad to be able to make this change for you, and hope it saves you time and money on your payments going forward.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on SEPA payments, or anything else you come across on Bankline, get in touch at banklinefeedback@natwest.com.

For any other help with Bankline, click ‘Message us’ when you’re logged in or visit our support page.

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