International accounts and payments

Manage cash flow and keep control of your global finances

International foreign currency accounts

Trading overseas? Reduce foreign exchange costs. Guard against exchange rate fluctuations. Forecast your finances confidently. A foreign currency account could mean you don’t need to convert currency into sterling - and vice versa. We can tailor a range of accounts to meet your specific needs.

Currency Current Account

Manage your everyday currency needs with easy payment options

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Currency Reserve Account

Helping you manage surplus funds while delivering a rate of return

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Treasury Reserve Account

Enjoy fixed rates of return with a Treasury Reserve Account

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International trade payment solutions

Importing or exporting? Either way, you need solutions that suit your international relationships.

Electronic payments

Send and receive online payments quickly, securely and safely.

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Global liquidity

Automatically transfer funds between your global accounts – based on rules you set.

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Partner Banking

Do you need to work with a bank when trading overseas?

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Managing Risk

Help protect against the impact of exchange rate fluctuations and the risk of not being paid.

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Take control of your finances on a single, secure platform – anytime, anywhere, with our online cash management tool.

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