Indirect access to UK payment systems

Receiving Payments

Information on electronic payments received into your dedicated sort codes for credit to your customer accounts are reported using NatWest Data Services.

To provide you with payments Information received from the clearing systems Bankline Direct Data Services provides you accurate data over a secure electronic link to meet your processing timescales.

Bankline Direct Data Services offers two ways to connect:

  • Secure Shell FTP(SFTP).
  • Connect: Direct Secure +.

Indirect PSPs can choose from the following Data Services files.

Business Current Account File

To allow you to quickly reconcile your company accounts you can receive a file of Business Current Account transactions. The file can include data for one account or many accounts – whichever best suits you. You can receive details of all transaction types or you can select specific types only, e.g. cheques only, all credits, all debits or all transactions.

Account balance information can also be provided such as opening and closing cleared and ledger positions. Transactions are reported in detail including a range of transaction codes, full originator details and payment reference information. A number of frequency options are available to match your accounting periods – daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. Files are available for download at 01:00 on the morning after the last transactions are applied to the account.

Agency Clearing

For your convenience, the clearings can be merged to provide one consolidated file for credits and one for debits. Alternatively, you can choose to receive separate files for each clearing type.

Merged Agency Credit Clearing file

This is a daily file containing Bank Giro Credit and BACS credit transaction data received for your agency sort code(s).The inward credit clearing and BACS receipts are merged at NatWest to provide you with a single file each day for all of your agency credit in-clearing. The detailed information contained in the file includes remitter and reference details, and Bank Giro Credit code line information. This file is available by 17:00 daily.

Merged Agency Debit Clearing File

If you provide your clients with current accounts, credit card, convenience cheques or direct debit payment services, we will provide you with a debit clearing file containing details of all debit transactions presented against your agency sort code. For your convenience, the paper and automated clearing are merged at NatWest into a single file, making it easier for you to apply the transactions against your clients’ accounts. The file contains comprehensive transaction details including cheque code line information and BACS originator details. This file is available by 17:00 daily.

Separate Agency files for each clearing

With this option, you will receive separate files for BACS, Faster Payments and Clearing output, in order to benefit from the early availability of payment information. 

The files provided with this option are:

  • A daily BACS output file, containing details of inward Bacs transactions. Direct credits and/or direct debits will be included, depending on the services used by the Agency. This will be available by 10:00 on day 2 of the BACS cycle.
  • A daily Faster Payment file is available in ISO8583 format or in the same APACS format as your other clearing files. This file is provided at 19:30 and you can opt to receive additional files at 08:00, 13:00, 16:30 and 23:00.
  • A daily Credit Clearing output file, containing details of inward Bank Giro Credit transactions. This file will be available by 17:00 on day 2 of the clearing cycle.
  • A daily Debit Clearing output file, containing details of inward cheque clearing transactions. This file will be available by 17:00 on day 2 of the clearing cycle.

SWIFT MT940 statements

SWIFT MT940 statement files can be provided on your sterling and currency accounts held with the Bank. The statement files provide detailed balance and transaction information in SWIFT format for importing into your financial accounting systems. A separate SWIFT MT940 statement file is provided for each account. Statement files are available daily by 09:00.

Bank and Branch file

The Bank and Branch file provides sort code directory information. The file contains details of all sort code numbers and the associated Financial Institution and branch name. We can send you a new file on a monthly or quarterly basis so that your records are always up-to-date.

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