SIM swap fraud

What is SIM swap fraud?

  • A SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) is a small card that contains a chip. The SIM card installed into your mobile phone holds data so you can make calls and send texts.
  • SIM swap fraud happens when criminals pretend to be you and try to convince your mobile phone network that you need a replacement SIM for your phone. They’ll ask the carrier to activate a new SIM card in their possession. This ports your telephone number to the criminal’s device, which contains the criminal’s own SIM card.
  • Once your carrier completes this request, all phone calls, and texts, as well as your online banking codes that you’d usually receive will go to the criminal’s device.


What to look out for

  • You've lost the ability to make calls or texts - This could be a sign that criminals have deactivated your SIM and are now using your phone number.
  • Your phone carrier notifies you that your SIM card or phone number has been activated on a different device.
  • You suddenly receive an influx of email spam messages – potentially a warning sign that criminals don’t want you to see and act on genuine warning messages hidden amongst the spam.
  • You lose access to bank accounts - If your online login credentials no longer work or you spot any payments that you don’t recognise, contact us immediately.

Actions you can take now

  • Don't respond to fake emails, texts, remember, we’ll never ask for your personal or financial information through an email or text.
  • Be careful what you share on social media. Avoid posting things about yourself or family members birth dates, pet names and schools as these are often questions used to reset passwords.
  • If your phone suddenly stops working, contact us and your mobile network.
  • Use unique passwords that only you will know.

Need to report a fraud or a scam?

Other ways to get help

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