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"Our team of expert Relationship Managers, as well as our credit underwriters are dedicated to supporting all aspects of the farming industry. With our aim of collaboration and sustainability, we will support your business needs in an ever evolving and challenging sector. In line with our purpose, climate change and sustainability is strategically important to us" – Ian Burrow, Head of Agriculture Sector

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What we do for you

We support UK farming businesses, with finance solutions provided to help the sector thrive. Our finance solutions support a wide range of business models, from traditional to vertical farming, and the agritech that increasingly supports these businesses.

Our insight is specifically designed to help navigate challenging times and address issues such as climate change, diversity and succession planning.

We provide support via access to our national partner network of industry bodies, valuers, land agents and technical experts.

Supporting your agri business with rising costs

To help protect your agri business from price increases, we're freezing all charges and tariffs on business current accounts for at least 12 months* and reducing interest rates on a range of Small Business Loans.

We are also offering you the opportunity to apply for overdraft increases, as well as capital repayment holidays on specific products. 

Helping you farm sustainably

Building a sustainable agriculture business can start with small changes, that can build to more ambitious plans.

Green initiatives in business

Adopting green practices is crucial in tackling climate change, could also help your business be more efficient, and gain positive recognition from customers and investors.

Investing in energy-efficient solutions for your farm

We have ways you could finance your energy efficiency project. So why not keep cash in your business and finance your energy efficient project with us?

Latest agriculture news and insights

Stay up to date with our news and insights from the world of agriculture

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NatWest Groups Agriculture Report 2023


Partnering with farmers and the food production industry to provide reflections on the agricultural sector, the challanges, our role and the future.

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2022 Report highlights finance needs in sustainable farming

Changes to agriculture policy and financing will support farmers in becoming net zero by 2050.

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Basic Payment Scheme: beware the fraudsters targeting farmers

Scammers are using the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) to target farmers expecting to receive their instalment from 1 December.

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Protect your business

When you’ve built something up, you want to look after it the best you can – protecting it against various risks and challenges you may face. Gallagher, our business insurance broker, have a range of options to choose that could protect your business and your staff, including public and employers’ liability to professional indemnity and more.

Meet our NatWest Agriculture Team

Whether you need specific financing, or want to discuss the upcoming trends for the sector and how to ensure your business remains future fit, we’re here to help. Please contact us at:


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