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Family first loans and overdraft

Supporting business through family care

Flexibility for your business when you need it most.


As part of our ongoing commitment to help our customers achieve their ambitions, we want to ensure we can provide the additional support and flexibility our customers require when they need it most.

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The Rose Review


The Rose Review into female entrepreneurship identified that disproportionate family care responsibilities is one of the main barriers that women mention when asked about starting or running a business. The report also states that financial institutions should do more to support entrepreneurs at the time when they might need it most because they have to look after their family. We want to offer you flexibility for your business, when you need it most.


Family First Offer

Who can benefit?

A Family First event can happen at any time and we believe this shouldn’t impact your business’s needs.

We know that there are bumps in the road when it comes to running a business and we want to remove as many of them as possible when it comes to your finances. We could offer you the opportunity to take a repayment holiday on your variable or fixed rate loan or have your overdraft fees waived to help lighten the load. Please see our eligibility criteria for more information.

Eligibility criteria

We could help lighten the load when you might have to take time out of your business.

Business Overdraft

Starting from £500 up to a max facility size of £25,000

If you have a Family First event, you could apply for added benefits to your business, to help smooth any bumps in your income during this period. 

Our normal overdraft criteria apply but we’ll waive the annual arrangement fee once during the Family First period. 

If you already have an overdraft we’ll waive the renewal during the Family First period.

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Capital repayment holidays on Fixed and Variable rate loans

Starting from £25,001

If you think you need a more substantial investment in your business, you might want to consider applying for a Fixed or Variable rate loan.

You could take a Capital Repayment Holiday for an agreed period of time at the start of the loan or for a period of up to 6 months during a Family First event. You’ll still need to pay the interest and will switch back to a full repayment after that.

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