Growing cyber-security threats – are you ready to protect your business?

The volume of cyber attacks is increasing. We explore how you can protect your business against this evolving threat landscape.

Of the 1,400 global cyber-security decision-makers NCC Group recently interviewed in the 2nd quarter of 2022, 61% said that the number of cyber-security threats which their organisations experienced had increased in the past year.

In NCC Group’s most recent webinar, industry experts from the cyber-security profession discussed the key issues and shared examples of hacks impacting a cross-section of businesses from all around the world. Here are the key things we learned:

Key cyber risks on the rise

  • In the second quarter of 2022 ransomware attacks worldwide increased by 12% (according to NCC Group’s Threat Monitor analysis).
  • Ransomware continues to be the most common type of cyber-attack worldwide, responsible for 63% of all cyber-security incidents between April and June. Followed by phishing and malware attacks 60%, supply chain attacks 51% and 45% insider threats.
  • Taking a regional view, in the first quarter of this year there was a noticeable rise in European-based activity, with the continent the most targeted for attack. Based on this quarter’s data it is likely because of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
  • International cyber-security regulation is expanding and becoming more complex. Multinational organisations need to be wary of operating compliantly as regulation increases globally at different speeds. For instance, some developing economies are deploying regulation at pace.

The golden rules to help manage your cyber risk:

  1. Identify your risks and threats
  2. Consider what is an appropriate response to those risks – there’s probably a middle ground
  3. Get the basics right. You’ll be able to manage a large percentage of the risks down as a result

Watch NCC Group’s latest Insights webinar videos from the live event “Growing Cyber Security Threats – Are you ready?”

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