Mastering Your Money: how to empower the next generation

Join Holly Tucker and guests Emma Britton, decorative glass designer, and Sean McGovern, NatWest Entrepreneurship Delivery Manager, as they discuss empowering youngsters with the tools they need to build a life they love.

Holly will be joined by Sean McGovern, Entrepreneurship Delivery Manager at NatWest, who will be discussing the tangible tools and free resources available to help children and young people build essential skills for the future.

Sean says: “Sound financial management is the cornerstone of any successful business, and building confidence around finances can never start too early. I will be talking about the importance of developing financial and entrepreneurial skills in young people, and the work we are doing to support this via in-school programmes such as Dream Bigger and MoneySense.

“I’ll also be talking about the essential skills young people should focus on developing to help them become career ready, and the different routes to starting a business that are open to them. There are great tools available to help young people take their first steps in either turning their business idea into a reality or finding a career they love, and I’m excited to share these.”

Sound financial management is the cornerstone of any successful business, and building confidence around finances can never start too early

Sean McGovern
Entrepreneurship Delivery Manager, NatWest

Also joining the discussion is Emma Britton, decorative glass designer and winner of last year’s SME: SOS independent ad break competition. Emma runs a successful business designing bespoke glass splashbacks for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as selling a range of glassware and homeware to stockists including the RHS Gardens.

She says: “A creative background or arts degree doesn’t often equip people with a financial background, and it certainly didn’t in my case. I struggled with maths at school and if it had been taught with more real-world scenarios it may have been easier for someone like me. 

“We also aren’t taught in art education how to price our skill or monetise it, and these are such essential skills to learn.”

Holly says: “Empowering the next generation to follow their passion is a topic incredibly close to my heart. So often it can feel to our young that success can only be reached by excelling in core topics at school, and a focus on creativity can be left behind. I can’t wait to tackle this area and it is something so many people who already run a small business are incredibly passionate about.”

Join Holly Tucker and guests live at 12pm on Monday 26 July  – and keep an eye out for sessions running in the coming months. Instagram @hollytucker

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