Are you eligible for road haulage compensation?

If you bought or leased a truck between 1997 and 2011, you could apply for compensation under a claim being made by the Road Haulage Association.

  • MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco and DAF have admitted fixing prices on trucks bought or leased between 1997 and 2011
  • The Road Haulage Association is helping buyers and lessees seek compensation
  • The average payout looks set to be at least £6,000 per truck

The five manufacturers – MAN, Volvo/Renault, Daimler, Iveco and DAF – account for 90% of haulage vehicles in Europe.

It was a whistleblower at MAN that revealed the cartel, which means the manufacturer escapes having to pay out its share of the €2.93bn fine levied by the EC even though admitted colluding with the other companies.

Now the Road Haulage Association (RHA) has announced it will seek compensation from all five manufacturers – as well as Scania, which is still under investigation by the EU – on behalf of truck operators that purchased or leased trucks between 1997 and 2011. The compensation claim is open to any company, firm or person.

The RHA will seek to reclaim the difference between what the trucks should have cost compared to the cartel prices, as well as for any other increases in the operators’ costs resulting from the cartel, such as fuel. It estimates this will exceed £6,000 on average per truck.

As the case is developed, it will be determined whether second-hand trucks and those purchased or leased after 2011 will also be eligible.

Information for claimants

  • At least 91% of compensation claimed will go to the claimants
  • Insurance has been put in place by the RHA to avoid any costs in the event of its claim being unsuccessful
  • Membership of the RHA is not necessary to join the claim
  • The case may take several years
  • The claim will be made collectively

RHA chief executive Richard Burnett said in a statement: “UK truck owners affected by the truck cartel have potentially paid too much for their lorries over a 14-year period, and we’re determined to get a fair deal for them. This is a chance to get their compensation with no risk to their business or finances.

“As the representative body with sole responsibility for UK road freight operators, we’re duty-bound to act on behalf of our members’ wishes.”

With the claim protected by what Burnett describes as “the largest tranche of After The Event insurance that’s ever been underwritten” truck owners will face no costs “or any other risks if the claim is unsuccessful.”

For more information and to find out if you are eligible to join the claim, visit truckcartellegalaction.com.

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