Video series: Adapting to the New Now

With the UK economy beginning to emerge from lockdown, journalist Steph McGovern meets experts from industry to discuss how businesses can confidently resume trading and plan for the future.

Whether your work has been put on pause in recent months, or you’ve had to adapt your output to meet new customer needs, so much has changed for businesses in such a short space of time. In an effort to help you get to grips with the ‘new now’ and reboot in preparation for the weeks and months ahead, NatWest has invited journalist and TV presenter Steph McGovern to speak to founders and CEOs from multiple industries to get their expert advice on key business issues. All the guests are members of The Supper Club, a unique networking forum for business founders and leaders.

So, if you are looking to future-proof your business by taking it online, develop a financial recovery plan, reach a new audience – or just want help getting your confidence back – this new video series of industry insights will help answer your questions.

Watch the videos below, or listen to the podcast editions here .

Episode 1: Taking your business online

With the pandemic affecting our relationship with cash and consumers anxious about returning to bricks-and-mortar shops, how do businesses fully embrace their online operations? In the first instalment of NatWest’s Adapting to the New Now video series, Steph McGovern speaks to Tamara Roberts, CEO of Ridgeview Wines, about how the South Downs winery has made a success of its online business to get its award-winning products into the hands of customers.

Episode 2: Planning for a successful 2020 recovery

In this episode, Steph McGovern is joined by Merilee Karr, CEO and founder of UnderTheDoormat, the award-winning luxury home accommodation company. With the coronavirus lockdown having a major impact on hotels, B&Bs and other accommodation businesses, UnderTheDoormat pivoted quickly by launching NHS Homes to offer much-needed free housing to NHS staff. Karr discusses why remaining agile is key for any business planning a successful recovery.

Episode 3: Making your marketing more effective

Ranzie Anthony, chief creative officer of Athlon, talks to Steph McGovern about how the lockdown has made businesses change the way they market their brands as they adopt a ‘digital first’ model. Anthony explains how clients at his global design and innovation agency are embracing the opportunity to market directly to consumers through video channels.

Episode 4: Getting your confidence back

In this episode, Steph McGovern meets Ally Maughan, the founder of People Puzzles, an HR consultancy that works with businesses of all sizes and across numerous sectors. Maughan talks about the challenges facing businesses during coronavirus, such as recruitment, furloughing staff and how to ensure employees feel they are still a key part of the team.

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