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Validation & testing assumptions

In this module you’ll explore:

  • Why is validating your business model so important?
  • Lean start-up methodology
  • Testing assumptions
  • What is an MVP?

Start by downloading and saving the workbook (PDF 1.2MB) and use it throughout the module to write notes, reflect on the key points and take time to answer the questions for your own business.

Why is testing your business model so important?

Working with minimal time, money and resources is common when developing a business but continually testing and validating your assumptions will enable you to adapt and learn as you go along.

Watch the first video to understand more about customer validation and adopting lean principles into your business, as well as hearing from some entrepreneurs about the assumptions that they made in the early stages of their business.

Testing assumptions

So you now have a list of assumptions that you have made about your business, your customers, your routes to market etc. Now take some time to watch the next video and understand how to start testing some of these assumptions using the build, measure, learn feedback loop.

What is an MVP?

In the final chapter, we’re going to take a closer look at a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to understand how you can use simple experiments to test some of the assumptions that you have made about your business and gain valuable customer insights. You’ll also hear from some entrepreneurs about their experiences and what their initial MVP or proof of concept looked like and how it informed their business.

Download our workbook

Validation & Testing Assumptions workbook (PDF 1.2MB)

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