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The importance of mindset

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • What is mindset?
  • Why is your mindset important to you as an entrepreneur?
  • The difference between a fixed and a growth mindset

What is mindset?

In the first chapter, we’ll dive into the meaning of mindset. We'll look at research done by world-renowned professor of psychology Carol Dweck. And we'll see how her studies have sparked the use of 'growth mindset' techniques across many industries.

Why is mindset important?

By recognising, understanding and developing your mindset, you can become a more effective entrepreneurial leader. Watch the video to find out how.

The differences between fixed and growth mindsets

In the final video, we’ll look at what happens wehn you adopt a growth rather than fixed mindset. We'll introduce a simple tool you can use to recognise your own mindset, and hear from some entrepreneurs about their experiences.

Your mindset (and why it matters)

Discover how fixed and growth mindsets are different and what you should aim for in business.

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