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Revenue streams

In this module, you’ll explore:

  • Different types of revenue models
  • The different revenue streams within your business
  • Different types of pricing

Start by downloading and saving the workbook (PDF 2.1MB) to your computer to use throughout the module, capturing any key takeaways and completing the exercises at the end of each chapter.

Why is understanding your finances important?

In the first chapter, we’ll start by looking at what revenue models, revenue streams and pricing models are, then look at some commonly used revenue models within the business world to help you identify and challenge your own approach.

Identifying your revenue streams

Following on from the last chapter, we’re now going to explore revenue streams to understand how you already do or can generate sales from each of your customer segments. Use your workbook to help you identify each revenue stream – and don’t forget to keep a note of any assumptions you’ve made so you can continue to test and validate these with your customers.

Pricing models

Now that you have an idea of who your customer is and how they behave, you can start to think about your pricing for each customer segment and whether you wish to adopt different pricing models within each revenue stream. In the final chapter of module two, we’ll explore different types of pricing models and three different approaches to determining pricing for each of your customer segments.

Download our workbook

Revenue Streams workbook (PDF 2.1MB)

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