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How to protect your business against risk

As a business owner, you deal with risks every day, even if you don’t always realise it. That’s why it’s vital to have a bespoke risk-management strategy in place.

Be informed: incorporating risk management into your daily operations

Not many entrepreneurs start in business to be risk managers but the pandemic has highlighted just how important it is to prepare for disruption.

Watch our film to understand more about potential hazards, how to put a plan in place to handle them and the benefits of good business continuity.

Be inspired: create a successful risk-management strategy

*Coming soon*

Look out for our film with Rob Williams, director at Hawthorn International, who shares his expertise and insight on risk, business continuity plans and strategy.

Hawthorn International’s position as part of a global supply chain means it has had to deal with plenty of risk in the last couple of years. Rob will explain how he manages it on a daily basis. 

Be successful: make your business more resilient

From Covid-19 to the supply chain crisis, preparation rather than reaction is the best way to stay strong and resilient in the coming months and years.

Download our Business Builder checklist (below) to help you get started on a plan.

Further reading

For more insights on risk management, visit NatWest Business Hub.

Download our checklist

Business Builder checklist: how to make your business more resilient (PDF 61kB)

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