In this module you’ll explore:

  • Building a profit and loss statement for your business
  • How to calculate gross and net profit margins
  • What other financial metrics you need to track within your business
  • Top tips for managing your finances

Building a profit and loss statement

In the first video we’ll take a closer look at a profit and loss statement, bringing together revenue and costs to understand the viability of your business.

Even if you aren’t trading yet or already have a profit and loss statement in place, this is a valuable exercise - challenging your existing business model, revenues streams and costs could highlight opportunities.

Gross and net profit

Now we'll take a look at the overall profitability of your business and individual product and service lines. To do this, we'll use gross and net profit margin equations.

We’ll also hear from some entrepreneurs about how they monitor the profitability of their businesses and what other key financial metrics they track.

Top tips for managing your finances

In this last video, we’ll get some top tips from entrepreneurs on how they manage their finances.

How to build a profit and loss statement

Learn how to build profit and loss statements and discover the calculations you need how to work out the profitability of your business.

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