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To help your business stand out and achieve its green ambitions, you must be able to assess your climate impact. Here’s how, and why, it matters to the wider world.

Be informed: what is your carbon footprint?

By measuring energy and resource use, businesses can play a key part in bringing greenhouse gas emissions back to a sustainable level and slowing climate change? 

Watch the video below to understand more about your carbon footprint and the simple actions you can take to change it.

Be inspired: how to address your carbon footprint

Businesses in every sector will be wrestling with this dilemma. What steps can they take? And how easy is it to get to net zero?

Listen to our podcast – with special guests Peter Belk, Circular Economy Director at Business In The Community, and Tessa Clark, co-founder of food-sharing app Olio – to learn more about how your business can tackle climate change.

Be successful: how to collect data and use it

Taking responsibility for your carbon footprint is a journey built on data: before any change can happen, you must know what to measure, where to find it and how to use the results. 

Download the Business Builder checklist to give you the best possible start.

Download our checklist

How to collect data and use it (PDF 71kB)

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