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A day in the life of LoveLux London founder Lux Sekeram

The Go Beyond competition for female entrepreneurs winner, Lux Sekeram, founder of LoveLux London, shares her business secrets, and the importance of positive vibes.

Describe your business in 100 words.

“LoveLux London is all about empowering our mini future generation with award-winning sustainable, gender-free kids’ clothes. We launched in 2019 and are all about positivity – our motto is Playful, Positive and Planet. That’s the whole ethos of the brand and that’s basically how we design. Our packaging is all plastic free, and we plant a tree for every order that’s made. We’re all about sustainability and inclusivity, which is why the whole collection is gender free.”

Why did you decide to do this?

“Before having children I spent a decade in fast fashion. But when I had my three girls, I had to ask, ‘Am I going to go back full time, or am I going to  start a business, something that I’ve always dreamed of doing?’ And, my kids are very much the inspiration behind the brand,  all the slogans are inspired by them.

“The inclusivity side comes from the fact that we often were shopping in the boys’ department because my older two love blue. (It was either pink for girls or blue for boys, the choice was very limited) So I thought, ‘Right, I’m definitely creating something that is so inclusive and gender free.’ And it’s become a big market that is still growing.

“It’s also been an eye-opener for me to find purpose in slow fashion, reviewing the whole supply chain and looking at how everything is made. It’s been great trying to create clothes that are timeless and purposeful.”

What’s the first thing you do on a working day?

“So, after a coffee, I will look at my to-do list and work out the priorities for the day. I also have a gratitude journal, and I like starting the day off writing that. It’s all about sending out positive vibes, which are so intertwined with our brand.”

What does a typical day look like?

“It’s pretty ad hoc. I will drop the kids off and then I’ll go for a quick power walk in Richmond Park – to clear my head. Then I will sit at the desk and catch up on emails, social media, and do anything that’s urgent for the day. I love that I carve out an hour a day for creative time too. Afternoons are spent packing orders. Then it’s pick-up time for the girls and, once they’re in bed, back on the laptop. It’s pretty 24/7.”

What’s your Monday motivation?

“I have an early-morning online yoga lesson on a Monday, which sets me up for the week. Then I will set my intentions for the week as well.”

I thought pitching was all about talking to an investor, but you need to have a pitch ready for anyone in any context. It’s crucial to think that way as it opens doors

Lux Sekeram
Founder, LoveLux London

What’s your biggest lesson in business so far?

“The 50% product and the 50% marketing approach is so key. You could have an amazing product, but actually, if it doesn’t have the reach there’s no point."

“This year is about the marketing strategy. So whether it’s going down the TikTok route, or whether it’s doing ads… or both.”

Tell us about your Go Beyond competition experience

You were one of the winners of our Go Beyond competition partnership with Meta. Part of the prize included access to a virtual Boot Camp.

“I just watched a whole series of webinars on the mindset to pitching, which I found really useful. Beforehand I thought pitching was all about talking to an investor. But what they discussed was that you need to have a pitch ready for anyone in any context. So I could be doing a pick-up and I could be chatting to someone who could be a potential customer or backer. It’s crucial to think that way as it opens doors.”

Looking to the future, what are you most excited about?

“We are working on some new bits for Christmas, which I’m so excited to share, hopefully, very soon. I also look forward to seeing the evolving aspect of LoveLux London because, as an entrepreneur, I love the learning side of the growth as well. We’ve been a little business that’s been all organic so far, so I think there’s huge potential to grow.”

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