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The Bald Builders on scaling a business through the power of social.

Brad Hanson and Sam Hughes share how they overcame various obstacles to become influencers.

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Ups and downs and blessings

Brad and Sam are better known in the building trade as ‘The Bald Builders’. They’ve gone through many ups and downs to build a unique business empire, but they believe every obstacle has turned out to be a blessing.

As well as still building and still loving it, they also present a daily, award-winning radio show for the building trade via tradesman’s radio station Fix FM. Alongside which they also run various huge social media accounts.

The Bald Builders’ Business Confession:

Sam admits that he made a basic accounting error in their early days as social influencers. They were working with another influencer and had a revenue sharing deal, but Sam agreed to pay in dollars instead of sterling, leading to quite a shortfall.

But 10 years later after many other learning experiences both he and Brad can look back on it as a key learning experience. Indeed, they are keen to point out that they see all their negative experiences as things that have helped them move forward.

Because when we started on social, we were building seven days a week, doing social seven days a week too and not getting paid. You have to stick at it. We were working 20-hour days until the time where we started making money.

Brad Hanson
Bald Builder

‘The Baldies’ life and business advice

  • Build a brand through trust – “Treat your network as you would family, respect your customers and viewers’.
  • Be open with your employees – ‘Don’t hide what you’re charging and what you’re earning’.
  • Trust is key – Do business with people you trust, it works both ways and you’ll always be better off’.

Watch the episode to find out more about The bald Builders’ inspirational business journey.

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