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Grayson Hart on switching from elite sport to starting a business

Professional rugby player Grayson Hart turned a troublesome period in his career into an opportunity to start a business

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Switching up sport for starting a business

Former professional rugby player Grayson Hart turned a troublesome period in his career into an opportunity to launch his business, Puresport.


From tackling feelings of imposter syndrome to taking inspiration from his sporting career, in this episode New Zealander Grayson Hart opens up about what it was like to start running a business.


Puresport is the world's first range of natural products certified for drug tested athletes and professionals, using a range of natural remedies to optimise performance.

Grayson Hart’s Business Confession:

“Along the way that I felt a huge sense of imposter syndrome, a key example of that is our first ever capital raise, one of the people asked me on the call, is that net or gross revenue? And I just literally did not know what that even meant.”


Grayson explains: “I didn't know the answer. And it was unbelievably embarrassing. I was two years into this great business and everyone's there. I was, you know, preparing myself like I used to prepare for a big rugby match, I felt like I had to have all the answers”.


What I have learned through running Puresport, is that as a founder CEO, you do have to understand everything that's going on in your business.”

“It doesn’t get easier. But you learn that businesses is problem solving and you learn to love it”

Grayson Hart
CEO and founder of Puresport

Grayson’s Top tips for growing a business

Truly believe in what you’re doing: “You need to truly believe in your product”. 

Believe in the quality of your product: “You need to know that it's the best that it can possibly be”.

Be passionate about it: “Truly have pride in the product that you believe in, that you're passionate about”.

Aim to get better all the time: “We're always pushing to get 1% better every time – we’re always looking at what little details we can improve”.

Watch the episode to find out more about Grayson Hart’s inspirational business journey.

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