Introducing the EV Planner

Are you EV ready?

NatWest is working with Diode, a UK-based technology company, to pilot an EV Planner offering. 

The EV Planner is free for all businesses.

It could help support your business to become more sustainable whilst also helping you to identify potential cost savings.

If you have employees who can complete the short driver survey for their company or private car, you can complete the assessment today.

What does the EV Planner do?

The EV Planner provides your business with:

a toolkit to help you make informed decisions and transition to EVs  

EV readiness information for every driver and vehicle

a detailed list of running costs and CO2 savings across the business

a timeline of when each workplace and home charger is required

What are the benefits for employees?

An instant and personalised EV readiness report

Drivers input journey details so there is no recording of GPS data

An interactive tool to help drivers understand vehicle range, charging requirements and potential savings for their EV of choice

How it works

Create account

Create and verify your account in a few seconds. Next add site information, upload vehicle details, and invite employees.

Complete survey

Employees complete a short driver survey for an instant EV Readiness Report.

Get insights

Diode’s algorithm aggregates survey data to give the business insights.

Speak to us

Speak to your Relationship Manager about how NatWest could help.

Ready to get started?

You can create and verify your account in a few seconds.

You’ll need to provide some basic information, such as your business name, address and website.