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NatWest Carbon Planner

Could cutting your carbon, cut your costs?

Discover a more sustainable future with NatWest Carbon Planner

Reducing emissions for your business is challenging. With limited resources and multiple priorities, it can be hard to decide where to focus your efforts.

Carbon Planner is free and could support you to become a more sustainable and climate conscious organisation, and help you to identify potential cost and carbon savings too. Use it to measure your carbon footprint by answering a few questions, get tailored actions and start building a plan to reduce your emissions.

How it could help

Take two minutes to watch our video for an overview of the Carbon Planner and  what it does. Get a feel for how it works and whether it could support your organisation to reduce emissions.

How it works

Give us a few details to help us work out your estimated carbon footprint.
Set targets to build an action plan to reduce your emissions. We’ll suggest where to focus your efforts for the biggest impact.
Explore products and resources that could support you with actions which could reduce your carbon emissions, cut costs and help you to achieve your targets.
Use the insight gained from the tool to share your climate journey within your organisation.

See it in action

Watch our step-by-step demo so you can see exactly how Carbon Planner is put together and what you’ll get when you use it. This handy guide will take you through signing up and beyond, to getting your carbon footprint and then taking actions to reduce it.

Who’s it for?

While any UK business could use the tool, you’ll get the most from it if:

  • you're able to access it on a desktop computer
  • you're interested in taking action to reduce your carbon emissions
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How it could help you

  • Designed to save you time and guide you on your climate journey, we’ll give you the know-how to understand the impact of your day-to-day activities
  • We’ve worked with trusted partners who are experts in their field
  • You’ll be able to prioritise actions you could take to reduce emissions
  • Easily share data with key stakeholders to help influence change
  • There’s support available which could give you ideas about how you could run your business more efficiently and realise cost savings
  • Signposts to resources, services and products to help you plan for a more sustainable future
  • Gain more confidence in your climate action decisions
  • Inspire your workforce to get behind a bespoke action plan and integrate climate into your day-to-day activities
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What users say

Over the last year we’ve talked to over 1000 organisations to help shape the direction of the service. Here’s some general themes that came out of these discussions…

  • Provided a much-needed starting point for organisations and has united whole workforces to work towards a shared climate goal
  • Encouraged organisations to review their ways of working and highlighted day-to-day activities that contribute most to their carbon footprint
  • Suggested surprising, unique and new actions that organisations hadn’t considered before
  • Presented quick wins to help organisations lower their emissions as well as potential long term cost reductions
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Why are NatWest launching Carbon Planner?

Tackling climate change and helping people, families and businesses with the transition to a low-carbon economy is a key part of our purpose-led approach to banking. We’re setting ambitious targets, doing all we can to reduce our own carbon footprint. We’ve committed to having net zero emissions by 2050 and in 2021 we reduced our direct emissions by 46%.

More than half of the UK’s carbon reduction ambition could be delivered by UK businesses and we want to support other organisations in their climate journeys.

Discover how else NatWest could support you on your climate journey

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How do we work everything out?

We’ve worked with Green Element, an environmental management consultancy with over 20 years of experience, to ensure we are aligning with sustainable best practice. We have also worked with other third parties to develop the tool, including consultancies and academic experts. We’ve tapped into their knowledge to calculate an estimate of your organisation's carbon footprint and suggest tailored actions to reduce your emissions. In addition, our in-house team of climate experts and data scientists are working hard to continue to develop and improve the tool, making sure the insights generated stay relevant.