Running your business

Get your business idea off the ground

Plan (and plan some more)

A business plan is where you’ll put your strategies, sales figures and forecasts. It’s what most banks and investors want to see if you’re looking for investment. You can also use it to think about how you’d cope with any business disruption (hello, 2023) and plan for whatever the future might hold.

Business planning tips

Write and put together your business plan in six easy-to-follow steps. It’ll form the foundations of your business future, and you’ll be ready if any opportunities come your way. 

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Coping with business disruption

What can you do to make your business more resilient at times where you have no control? Our toolkit helps you understand resilience and how it works for you and your business.

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Your business, your way

You are the greatest asset to your business. From the start, you’ll need to think about your approach to running your business and what support you might need to make it happen.

Think like an entrepreneur

Developing how you think and behave are important to the success of your business. Our tips for a business mindset could help you and your business to grow.

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Join our online community

Our Business Builder programme can give you the confidence to take your business further. There’s free online events and learning modules to discover.

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Join our community of entrepreneurs

We offer a range of programmes and helpful tools, plus you could tap into a network of specialists and like-minded peers who could offer help and guidance.

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Research the market

A little market research can help you define your business goals, look at your competitors and see what they’re doing well, and work out your markets too. It’s easier to do than you think.

Market research

Good research gives you results that can focus your business. It can even help you with your products, or to find new customers or markets.

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Know your customers

Find out more about your customers and what they want with this simple six-step guide. Use what you learn to grow your business.

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Location, location...

Every business needs a base – read our hints and tips for everything premises-related that you might (and might not) have thought of.

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Tomorrow Begins Today with Business Builder

Dreaming about your future business? Get started today by signing up to our free online Business Builder course.

A child having her hair styled.

Let your business be the solution

Kam Davis couldn't find a hypoallergenic product for afro textured hair, so she created Nylah's Naturals.


Sign up to our free online Business Builder course to make a start on building your dream business.

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Next step: set up your business

Find out about all the important legal aspects of starting a new business, and how to manage your business finances.

Green initiatives for business

Adopting green practices is crucial in tackling climate change, and it could also help your business be more efficient and gain positive recognition from customers and investors.

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