Simplify your supplier payments with enhanced controls, increased security and better data


Virtual accounts. Real control.

Revolutionise corporate purchasing with enhanced controls, increased efficiencies and better reporting. Approval2Buy™ is a powerful solution to help streamline payments by enabling users to create and manage unique, dynamically generated virtual account numbers in order to make payments to their suppliers for goods and services.

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Watch this short video on how Approval2Buy can simplify your supplier payments with enhanced controls, increased security and better data.

Approval2Buy™ in detail...


Transaction-level control

Every transaction is assigned authorisation controls.

Workflow control

Approval routing for transactions follow existing approval process.

Automated reconciliation

VCN data available for reconciliation reporting.

Enhanced data

Information important to each individual payment can be incorporated into the transaction.

Virtual accounts


A powerful solution to help streamline B2B payments by enabling users to create and manage virtual account numbers to pay suppliers.

Virtual account numbers

Provides a customisable, configurable programme of controls for Program Administrators.

Configure and control

The most robust virtual card solution in the market. Flexible, simple and secure.

Innovative, robust and secure

Get the advantage with our all-in-one solution

Many virtual cards use a “store-and-rotate” process where a group of card numbers are reserved and rotated over time.

Approval2Buy offers...

Approval2Buy | NatWest business banking

  • Patented technology to create unique VCN for each transaction
  • Card numbers never reused, avoiding issues with credits/refunds
    in the future
  • Ability to generate unique CVC number per each VCN needed for online payments
  • Handles global programs with cards issued in multiple countries
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Approval2Buy | NatWest business banking

  • Appends 29 fields to transactions for optimal reconciliation and cost allocation
  • Real-time controls of virtual cards
  • Fees charged by the processors for ‘storing’ card numbers
  • Long, successful track record of platform consistency and stability
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Access options designed to suit you and your employees

  • Users

Company employees can log in to Approval2Buy to request virtual card numbers, review their purchase requests and transactions.

  • Programme administrators

Company Programme Administrators can set up users and payment controls, manage and monitor the virtual card programme with a variety of reports available.

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