The fast, fair, simple and safe way to pay and get paid

Payit™ is a connected payments solution offering fast, fair, simple and safe ways to pay and get paid. We've taken inspiration from the worlds of technology and human-centred design to transform the way we all send and receive money through Open Banking.

Best Open Banking Initiative

Best Open Banking Strategy 2020

Innovation Frontier Award

What is Payit™?

Payit™ provides you with a new way to send and receive online payments – helping you to reduce the cost of fraud, improve your cash flow and remove the need for you to store your customers' financial information.

Payit™ offers your customers a quick and easy journey, improved control over their finances,  reduced exposure to fraud and control over data sharing. Payit™ is securely developed by NatWest, but your customers don’t need to bank with NatWest to use it.

Collecting payments online

Payit™ helps you to collect cardless online payments direct from your customer’s bank account.

We are the only UK bank to have developed a seamless refund solution that doesn’t require you to know or store customer account information.


Settle payments in near real time, improving your cash flow.


An end-to-end solution, simplifying your supply chain and saving costs.


Quick and secure payment journey; customers don’t need to type in card details or register to use Payit.


No need to store customer billing data.

Sending money or issuing refunds

Payit™ helps you to send money direct to your customers’ bank account, without needing their bank details.


Money is sent electronically using Faster Payments. Usually credited in seconds.*


Save time and money compared to manual payments e.g. cheques or cash refunds.


You can easily track the payment status.


No need to know your customers' bank account details.

How Payit™ works

Further Information

Discover the future of banking and how Payit™ could support your business.

You can find more information in our factsheet and guides:

Collecting payments online factsheet (PDF, 62KB)

Collecting payments online (PDF, 176KB)

Sending money (PDF, 176KB)

To see how you can integrate Payit™ visit our Bank of APIs developer zone.

To talk to one of our relationship team, please contact us using the link below.

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