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Tailored mortgage advice from our team of experts

Looking to switch to a new deal or borrow more to improve your existing property? With Premier Banking you'll have our experienced mortgage team on hand to help make the process easier. Or, if you're ready to get started, you can apply online, by calling Premier 24 on 0333 202 3330 (International: +44 161 933 7239, Relay UK: 18001 0333 202 3330) or in your local branch.

NatWest mortgages are available for over 18s. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Already have a mortgage with us?

Manage your mortgage online

To manage your mortgage online, all you need is your mortgage account number, the mortgaged property’s postcode and your personal details.

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Looking for a new deal?

If your mortgage with us is on a Standard Variable Rate, or your current deal is ending, you could switch to a better deal.  Find out more about switching your mortgage deal, and get a personalised quote in just a few minutes

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Your mortgage options

Remortgage to NatWest

If your current mortgage is with another lender, you could save money by remortgaging to us.

Buy-to-let mortgages

Are you considering expanding your property portfolio? See how we could help.

Interest only mortgages

Could you benefit from an interest only mortgage?

First time buyer mortgages

We could help you onto the property ladder. Find out what you could borrow.

Borrowing more on your mortgage

If you have a residential mortgage with us, you could borrow more to improve your home.

Mortgage Concierge Service

Free Mortgage Concierge service for Mortgage applications of £500k and above.

Experienced dedicated point of contact to help you complete your mortgage application process:

  • Monitors your application to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • If ever an issue arises, they will step in to quickly resolve.
  • Speedily contact you if you need to supply any further information.

Mortgage tools and calculators

I'm ready to apply

Get started with your mortgage application

Apply online

Apply online if you are comfortable in choosing a mortgage without advice from us. However, you won’t benefit from the protection provided by our advised service.

You cannot apply for a Help to Buy, Right to Buy, 95%, Interest Only or Shared Equity mortgages online.

What you'll get:

An indication of how much we could lend to you.

A personalised illustration of our mortgage range.

You'll be ready to complete your application online today.

Before you start:

We do not offer mortgages to those under 18 or not resident in the UK.  
We do not offer multi-party or guarantor mortgages.


Are you ready to continue?

What you'll need to apply online today

Income - Your gross income details. This should match the amounts shown on your proof of income documents, eg pay slips and details of any other income you have.

Outgoings - Details of any loan repayments and any credit card balances.

Address - Your current address and post code and the date you moved to this address.

Bank details - Your bank account and sort code number.

Contact details - Your employer's, solicitor's and estate agent's address and postcode.

Your Agreement in Principle is the first step to applying online today. We use a soft credit check at this step, which has no impact on your credit file.

Apply by phone

Contact a member of our mortgage team by phone.

We’ll talk you through the process and arrange a phone appointment with a qualified mortgage adviser.

Your appointment will take around 2 hours.

Speak to our UK-based team.

Telephone: 0333 202 3330
International: +44 161 933 7239
Relay UK: 18001 0333 202 3330

Premier Banking Manager

You can speak to your Premier Banking Manager about your options or browse our full range of mortgages.

They'll have the latest exclusive offers and are available at a time that suits you.

Telephone: 0333 202 3330
International: +44 161 933 7239
Relay UK: 18001 0333 202 3330