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Making a will

Helping you pass on your wealth

Knowing you have a will in place is reassuring for you and the ones you love. So whether it’s your first will, or you’re revising one you already have, now is the perfect time to ensure everything’s in place.

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Considering making a will?

Making a will is the only way to ensure that your money and assets are shared according to your wishes. A fee will usually apply for this service. 

Your first step is to speak to your Premier Manager. They know you and your financial objectives and so are ideally placed to discuss your will-writing needs.

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Things to consider


Inheritance Tax

When writing your will, you should consider Inheritance Tax and how to help protect your money for future generations.

Appointing an Executor

It’s up to you who you appoint as executor of your estate. It could be an individual, family member or another professional such as a law firm.


When you pass away, there will be certain debts to be settled as well as assets to be shared out. These debts might typically include funeral expenses, household bills and taxes. It will be the executor’s role to ensure these are settled.

Let your loved ones know your wishes

None of us like to think about our loved ones having to manage without us. But it’s important that we do. Would your family know your wishes if you fell ill or died?

From your finances and funeral, to legal arrangements like wills and power of attorney, take a look at what to consider when planning for later life. 

Common questions about making a will

Speak to your Premier Manager

If you're considering creating a will, the first step is to speak to your Premier Manager.

If you don’t have their mobile number to hand, our customer support team (Premier 24) can book an appointment for you.

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