Everyday Banking

Simple to do business with

We aim to make it simple and efficient for our corporate and institutional customers to manage their everyday banking with us through our range of flexible products and services.

Manage the cash in your business efficiently and effectively

Our cash management specialists could help you manage your cash position more effectively, while improving your transaction handling – and with that – your customer and supplier experience, too. 

Whether it’s about basic banking and payments, commercial cards or a slightly more complex cash management need, we could have the solutions for you.

Product and transaction fees may apply. Specific criteria may apply for some services. Commercial cards subject to status.

Current Accounts

Business Current Accounts

Our current accounts help you to manage your income and expenditure as simply and effectively as possible whether that’s in Sterling or other currencies.

Business Currency Current Account

Open a non-interest bearing current account, and make and receive payments in foreign currency simply and safely.

Partner banking

Partner Banking allows UK customers to bank overseas through one of NatWest's approved partners.

Payment Solutions

Global payments solutions

Make and receive fast, secure, and cost-efficient payments directly to and from your business account. We provide flexible payment solutions that enable your business to trade effectively in the UK, Europe and around the world.

Preparing for ISO20022

ISO 20022 XML (eXtended Mark-up Language) is an established global standard for payments messaging. Over time, ISO 20022 XML will be used by all Payment Service Providers (PSP) in the U.K. for all payment products starting with CHAPS and International (Currency) payments.

Payit by NatWest

Payit™ is a connected payments solution offering fast, fair, simple and safe ways to pay and get paid. We've taken inspiration from the worlds of technology and human-centred design to transform the way we all send and receive money through Open Banking.

Credit Cards

Commercial Cards

Card payments are one of the safest ways to pay – both in person and online – and offer flexible banking at your fingertips.



Savings solutions for our corporate and institutional customers. Fixed and instant-access accounts, as well as client account management.

Digital banking solutions


Enhanced digital banking for your business. With Bankline you can view your accounts on one profile, create multiple users with customised roles and make payments of all sizes securely.

You’ll need a NatWest business current account to apply. Fees apply.

Bankline Direct

Drive efficiency with 24/7 secure payments and reporting integration. View or transact with accounts held at multiple banks or other financial organisations.

Bankline Direct is available to NatWest business account customers who meet the specific eligibility criteria detailed below.  Fees apply.

Bankline Direct APIs, the gateway to integrated banking

Powered by the latest API technology and industry security standards, our APIs integrate with your existing enterprise system to offer 24/7 real-time payment capabilities. 

If you’re looking to accelerate your payment systems with the benefit of dedicated support during your integration, Bankline Direct APIs could be the solution for you.

Fees and eligibility criteria apply.

New Confirmation of Payee API

Our API has been developed with our corporate customers in mind, to do more than the core mandatory CoP service. It goes above and beyond what you can already access, and allows you to embed this service directly into your own systems.

This enables you to carry out bulk checks against outbound payee details, returning individual CoP responses, for payments made using BACS, CHAPS and Faster Payments - which could save you time, improve customer experience, reduce costs and help detect fraud.

For further information contact your usual Bank representative or find out more at our Bank of APIs website.