Supporting non-bank Financial Institutions on every step of their sustainability journey

Climate, ESG Private Finance

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About us

As the Private Finance team, we offer climate and ESG solutions and services to all non-bank Financial Institutions such as asset managers, insurers, wealth managers, brokers and specialty lenders. 

We are a specialist team with capabilities in ESG advisory and sustainable finance for non-bank Financial Institutions. Across the full spectrum of financing and risk solutions, we help our customers embed purpose-driven strategies into their business models to enhance their financing and balance sheet management. Our services include sustainability focused bonds and loans, securitisation and capital products, bespoke risk solutions, ESG rating, and disclosure advice. Our capabilities also extend to both the public and private space.

How we could support your institution

We take a holistic approach to assist you with all aspects of sustainability and sustainable finance.

This includes:


ESG & Ratings Advisory

Our specialists could support you with the development of your sustainable financing strategy, reporting and disclosure requirements, and ESG ratings analysis.

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Sustainable Finance Frameworks

NatWest is a leading bank for sustainable finance across both bank and capital markets, with numerous mandates from issuers to structure Sustainable Finance Frameworks.

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Our dedicated in-house team analyses the implications of sustainability regulation for non-banking FIs.

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Financing and Structuring

Private Debt / Warehousing

Our specialist teams could support you in arranging sustainable debt and managing the end-to-end process with syndicate banks.

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Public Bond Financing

Our team could advise and support you in accessing funding in the public debt markets via bonds & medium-term note (MTN) issuance.

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Private Placement Financing

We provide bespoke sustainable funding solutions for a broad range of tenors, sectors, and structures for privately placed debt finance with global investors.

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Our structuring specialists could support you in the creation of green and social securitisations.

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NatWest issued in 2021 its first ESG-linked repo, and we have been supporting customers in exploring various sustainable solutions for their short-term liquidity needs.

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Other services


We could help you manage your key market risk exposures (e.g. interest rates & inflation) through ESG-linked derivatives.

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NatWest is a founding member of Carbonplace, a voluntary carbon market technology platform, and we support customers in defining their strategy and approach to carbon management.

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Product Innovation and Partnership

Innovative products, which we have developed in partnership with customers, such as, for example, Green or ESG-linked Revolving Credit Facilities (RCF), ESG-linked FX forward products and ESG-linked repo, underline our commitment to continually strive to expand the sustainable finance market for the benefit of our customers.  

We have also supported Financial Institutions and consumer finance companies to incorporate social and green securitisation as well as high yield options into the financing mix.

Alongside ESG product development, we could help you define your ESG strategy and become ESG-prepared by offering advice for key performance indicator (KPI) definitions on ESG-linked products, developing more bespoke solutions such as KPI-linked derivatives, helping implement carbon offsetting strategies, and optimising capital structures.

Our customers

We are proud to have celebrated a number of sustainability ‘firsts’ with our Private Finance customers. You can read in more detail about these transactions on our Case Studies page – or see recent examples of our work below:



NatWest helped pan-European investment firm Triton to secure its first ESG-linked financing by establishing a €1.455 billion syndicated facility to support Triton deliver its sustainability objectives and formalise its ESG programme.

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NatWest supported Carlyle in the role of Lead Arranger and Facility Agent with the inclusion of board diversity and sustainability targets to their €2.3 billion Investor-Backed Leverage Facility (IBLF).

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Silbury case study Silbury


NatWest structured Silbury Finance’s ESG-repo financing facility, supporting the long-term green development of real estate in the UK.

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Furthermore, we also support our research teams in providing ESG insights and content that aligns with our customers’ needs and challenges. You can find all ESG content on our Sustainability Hub and on Agile Markets

You can also access some recent examples of our insights below:

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