Helping make financial markets a force for good by supporting corporate customers in aligning their sustainability and treasury strategies

Climate, ESG and Sustainable Finance, and ESG Advisory for Corporates

About us

We help corporates advance their sustainability strategy and objectives through embedding ESG into their financing and treasury agenda.

We offer our corporate customers a broad range of sustainable finance and advisory services and products. Together, these can help develop a sustainable treasury function – one that supports the ESG objectives of the company by using ESG treasury tools across multiple dimensions, such as: financing, liquidity, ratings, financial risk management, investor relations and supply chain management. 

In doing so, we can support our customers in optimising their sustainability decisions to match the requirements of multiple key stakeholders in sustainable finance.

How we could support your business

We take a holistic approach to assist you with all aspects of ESG, sustainability and sustainable finance. We could help you design, structure and execute the following:

ESG Financing and Risk management

Sustainability labelled debt

All forms of sustainability labelled debt such as green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked debt, including drafting associated frameworks and obtaining Second Party Opinions.

Sustainability labelled loans

All forms of sustainability labelled lending products, including green loans and sustainability-linked loans, whether syndicated or bilateral.

Green and ESG-Linked Commercial Paper

Short-term financing instruments with funds earmarked for green assets/projects or linked to certain key performance indicators (“KPIs”).

Green supply chain finance

Supply chain financing linked to suppliers’ ESG performance.

ESG deposits

A form of deposit that allows you to place a business' surplus liquidity into a time deposit that factors in ESG criteria.

Non deal roadshow and investor engagement

We facilitate engagement with current and potential investors with specific focus on strategic ESG and sustainable finance topics.

ESG derivatives

We develop derivative contracts (e.g. FX forwards, interest rates swaps) where the contracts’ cash flows are linked to the counterparties’ performance on specific ESG targets.

ESG Advisory

ESG rating support

Support your engagement with and review of your independent ESG ratings (and ESG drivers of credit ratings) including obtaining, managing and improving identifying these ratings.

Investor strategies

Assessing the ESG commitments and priorities of your investors.

ESG Reporting & Disclosure

Advice on data requirements and on optimising ESG reporting disclosures.

Guidance on regulatory and other market developments

Bespoke advisory solutions to help you navigate national and international market and regulatory developments.

Our work

We are proud to have supported numerous customers with a wide range of ESG transactions, celebrating many sustainability ‘firsts’ in key sectors and driving innovation in the sustainable finance market. You can read in more detail about how we have helped our corporate customers on our Case Studies page - or you can see recent examples below:

Johnson Matthey

We are really proud to have supported Johnson Matthey on such a successful transaction and also in aligning their funding to one of their key sustainability KPIs, adopting the concept of ‘sustainability-linked’ to Private Placements.


We are delighted to have been able to help Wood in aligning their FX hedging programme with two key ESG KPIs, adopting the concept of ‘sustainability-linked’ to FX.


We are thrilled to have been able to support our customer, Ørsted, again; this time with their dual tranche Green Bond, which attracted high quality ESG investors, underlining their strong ESG credentials, green ‘use of proceeds’ format and rarity value.


We are delighted to have been able to support TenneT with their Green Euro benchmark, achieving another record deal as investors continue to have confidence in the quality and resilience of TenneT’s sustainability and credit story.

We’ve developed our ESG Short-term Products Framework to offer corporate and institutional clients the opportunity to place funds with NatWest Markets in fixed income products that integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and support funding entities with leading ESG credentials.

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To discuss how NatWest could support your sustainability journey, contact us today:

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Head of Corporate Climate and ESG Capital Markets

ESG Advisory

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Head of Debt and ESG Advisory for Corporates