Automate FX trades and manage currency balances

Stay in control of when to trade

Avoid the risk of manual errors by setting up rules based on time, date, and rate triggers, to automatically transfer funds between your chosen currency accounts.

Easy to tailor and edit

It’s quick and easy to set up automated account sweeps or bespoke rules. It gives you flexibility and control to edit and cancel rules at any time, so you’re always in control of your settlements and account balances.

Peace of mind that payments happen

You can rest assured that top-ups, sweeps or swaps will take place when they’re needed, so balances are available to make payments and to avoid potentially going overdrawn.

Key Features


Manage cash flow between accounts by setting rules to convert excess funds into your preferred currency.


Manage cross-currency account balances and ensure funds are in the right place, at the right time for outgoing payments and potentially avoid going overdrawn.

Rate barriers and triggers

Set specific FX rates for trades, so you only trade when the FX rate works for you.


Better manage your cross-currency account balances and automate the movement of funds between accounts on a short-term basis. This may optimise the interest rates you receive, and potentially avoid going overdrawn.

Get in touch

Regional contact numbers:

London FX Sales Desk: +44 207 678 1873
US FX Sales Desk: +1 203 897 6407
Singapore FX Sales Desk: +65 6768 8836