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Working Capital

Helping corporates keep their working capital and trade finance on course

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Invoice Finance

Access funds locked up in your trading assets, to improve your company’s working capital.

Invoice Discounting

Invoice Discounting is a way to quickly release cash tied-up in outstanding invoices, mitigating the cashflow challenge of open account trading with your key customers.

We could advance you up to 90% of the value of your eligible sales ledger, within 24 hours of the invoice being raised.

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Asset Based Lending

Asset Based Lending (often abbreviated to ABL), works in harmony with Invoice Discounting, to unlock the cash tied up in your stock, plant & machinery and property.

Asset based lending could give you flexible financing as the facility could grow with your business; releasing liquidity from across your balance sheet.

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Trade Finance

Our products help customers manage their trading relationships whether they are domestic or cross border in nature, offering solutions to mitigate risk and finance the working capital cycle.

Our expertise in global trade finance could help improve your risk management, cashflow, and to gain better control over your imports and exports. Our trade finance products aim to ensure any risks are mitigated and provide you and your trading partners with reassurance.

Trade Finance

We have four types of trade finance products

Bonds, Guarantees & Standby Letters of Credit

Bank Guarantees (also referred to as bonds or Standby Letters of Credit) provide both buyers and sellers in a trade transaction with reassurance that either performance or financial obligations will be met. We can issue guarantees on your behalf or receive and validate guarantees issued by other banks in your favour.

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Letters of Credit

Help reduce performance and payment  risk with your trading counter parties. Import Letters of Credit are our commitment to pay your supplier on your behalf. Or for Export Letters of Credit, a guarantee of payment from the buyer’s bank.

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Documentary Collections

A method for settling overseas trade debt through the presentation of commercial shipping documents through the international banking system.

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Trade Loans

This short term working capital funding can help source, produce, package and ship your goods – whether trading in the UK or internationally.

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