Helping Corporates manage and optimise their capital structure and credit ratings

We assist Corporates with optimising their debt, capital structure and credit ratings across multiple situations, including inaugural financing in the capital markets, refinancing, mergers and acquisitions, spinoffs, recapitalisations, buy-backs and leveraged buyouts. We also assist Corporates in obtaining, managing and defending credit ratings through the business cycle.

How we can support your business:

We offer rating and structuring advisory  for a broad range of Corporate situations

Ratings - First time ratings, rating defence/management

Corporate M&A activity - Merger/acquisition, Divestment/spin-off/carve-out, Asset monetisation

Refinancing/Restructuring - Subsidiary/OpCo financing, Parent/HoldCo financing, Project and Asset level financing

Liquidity, working capital and hedging in the context of Optimal Ratings / Capital Structure

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Why NatWest?

  • We offer a comprehensive and active Debt and Ratings Advisory platform for corporates in EMEA
  • We've an extensive track record of assisting global corporates in managing their credit ratings
  • We combine deep technical structuring and ratings knowledge with an execution-intensive customer service.

Our areas of advisory assistance

  • Credit story and optimal positioning
  • Credit investor communications
  • Credit Ratings defence/ratings management
  •  Optimising debt capacity at various rating levels
  • Specialising in complex transactions and transformational events
  • Broad capabilities across all corporate sectors
  • Broad execution assistance in multiple financing products: leverage finance, high yield, investment grade, structured finance, project finance
  • Debt, covenant and tranche structuring to target specific ratings and financing objectives
  • Optimising parent/subsidiary financing
  • Obtaining and optimising credit ratings for access to public financial support programmes e.g. Covid Corporate Financing Facility (CCFF), Corporate Sector Purchase Programme (CSPP)

Contact us

To discuss your business requirements and how NatWest could support you, contact us today:

Gustavo Brianza - Head of Debt and ESG Advisory, Debt & Financing Solutions

Xavier-Regis Pral - Director, Debt & Ratings Advisory