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MicroRates is a simple, automated platform for lenders looking to manage interest rate risk on their loan portfolios or simplify their asset financing.

The easy-to-access platform delivers advanced risk management capabilities:

  • Customised risk management strategies: it can run an automated, customised hedging strategy ensuring a residual risk position in line with risk appetite.
  • Stable and transparent profitability: hedge pricing is calculated on a loan-by-loan basis, delivering both pricing and margin transparency and helping achieve stable returns.
  • Pipeline hedging to stabilise interest margins: offering pipeline hedging through its rate-hold technology. Lenders can lock in hedging rates at the same time as they make offers to borrowers.
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It supports and simplifies your financing:

  • Integrated warehouse management: initiating utilisation and capacity requests through the MicroRates app with e-signature execution directly from the signatory’s inbox.
  • Suitable for securitisations: it has provided hedging for a number of AAA-rated RMBS transactions.

And is built to help your business grow:

  • Launch new products: giving lenders access to a full suite of hedging tools, that support the design of more innovative products – for example ERC-free mortgages or loans.
  • Suitable for lenders both new and established: with no minimum size, MicroRates is an excellent fit for start-up and alternative lenders.
  • Reduce cost and improve operational efficiency: your asset financing and loan hedging can be managed by anyone in just 15 minutes.
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Boosting business by freeing up time and saving money

MicroRates’ automation and speed frees up lenders to focus on their core business of loan underwriting. What’s more, a full audit trail of historic utilisation, capacity requests and approvals are available as well as detailed reports.

With no IT integration work required on your side, as a small specialist lender you can use MicroRates to build your business with limited spend, but with plenty of support.

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Contact us

You can email our specialist team at: MicroRates@natwest.com