Delivering automated FX and cross-border payments, transforming your international business

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Introduction to FXmicropay

FXmicropay provides corporates and financial institutions with a sophisticated foreign exchange (FX) and payments toolkit.

Access new markets, automatically manage FX risks or leverage our capabilities to automate and simplify your processes.

Join the growing list of companies across retail, travel and financial services who already benefit from our services today.

Grow international sales

Enable customers around the world to buy with confidence and increase sales conversions with price transparency in over 100 currencies.

  • Give your customers a seamless local shopping experience in their preferred payment currency.
  • Support any online payment method in over 100 currencies.
  • Automatically convert your foreign currency receipts from cross-border sales into your chosen currency.

Automatically manage your FX risk

Manage the risk from cross-country payment flows that arise from your international sales.

  • Protect profits from currency fluctuations with guaranteed FX rates, mitigating risk between pricing and execution.
  • FX rates guaranteed for as long as you need – removing FX risk across settlement time frame and beyond.
  • The cost of the guarantee will vary depending on your requirements, such as the tenor of the guarantee you need.

Generate revenue

Capture margins currently lost to other participants in the payment chain.

  • Take control of FX rates and bring FX revenue in-house.
  • Guaranteed rates allow you to take a fixed FX margin on every cross-border transaction.
  • The extent of revenue benefits and/or cost savings are dependent on the service chosen and your current processes.

Operational efficiencies

Reduce the time that your organisation spends on FX and cash management.

  • FXmicropay can integrate seamlessly into your existing technology solutions.
  • FX pricing, booking and execution are automated – so time spent on operational activities is reduced.
  • Automatic transaction aggregation and netting for improved FX execution.

Cost savings

Lower the cost of your FX execution.

  • Cut out the middle-man: source FX rates and execute directly with an award-winning FX trading house.
  • Benefit from rates based on wholesale FX rates.
  • FXmicropay costs are typically charged as a simple FX margin, which will vary depending on your required service, such as the tenor of the guarantee.
  • Other implementation or license fees may apply depending on your requirements.


FXmicropay is the complete currency toolkit to support your international expansion strategy.

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Travel & Leisure

Optimise your currency management processes with our toolkit for Travel and Leisure sectors.

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Financial Institutions

Find out more about how we support Financial Institutions with currency flow and management.

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An implementation to suit every business

  • Virtual FXmicropay currency accounts across 23 core currencies reduce the need to open physical currency accounts.
  • Need something bespoke?  No problem!  Our specialist team will guide you through our suite of powerful APIs*.

Each transaction will have a ‘guarantee period’, after which, the rate offered will be withdrawn. This period is agreed by currency pair when signing up to the service. The cost of this guarantee period is included in the FX spread and will vary, depending on each customer’s requirements such as the tenor of the guarantee needed.

* Application-programming interfaces

† The cost of the guarantee will vary depending on your requirements such as the tenor of the guarantee you need