Bankline Direct APIs

Offering a real time solution, 24/7

Why choose APIs?

Bankline Direct’s API solution offers a secure, reliable, 24/7 connection method with real-time availability, payments and reconciliation using the latest API technology.

APIs provide the building blocks to your digital solutions, offering seamless payments and data integration that grows with you.

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Transforming Treasury

The new economy is always-on, fuelled by 24/7 e-commerce and the continued rise in mobile and online payments.

This creates a need for treasuries to automate and optimise back-office processes – and become more influential than ever across their organisations’ activities.

APIs designed with you in mind 


Our APIs are always on and able to grow with your business


Industry-standard protocols ensure robust authentication and data encryption


Send payments on demand and dynamically, not batch


Future-proof with real-time reporting data and always on notifications

Customer eligibility

You can use Bankline Direct if you meet the following criteria;

Meets MiFID criteria for Professional Client or Eligible Counterparty; OR

Average turnover for last 3 years ≥ £6.5m; OR

Average total assets for the last 3 years ≥ £3.26m; OR

Is part of a group connection that meets turnover or assets test

Hold NatWest UK accounts

Minimum of 500 transactions per month

For clients wishing to use their own sort code (Indirect Access clients) to send/ receive payments they must;

Be FCA regulated/ EEA Passported

Have a Sort Code

Have a BIC; either a full live BIC or a BIC-21 (a BIC-21 is not a BIC connected to SWIFT but is needed in case of mis-formatted payments)

API by customer type

Whether you’re a financial institution needing inward and outward bank-grade payments or a corporate that requires real-time payments and reconciliation, we have a solution.

Corporate customers

For commercial, corporate and non-banking financial institution customers.

  • Commercial Payments & Reconciliation API
  • Autopay Direct API

Financial institutions

Includes indirect service providers.

  • Indirect Access Payments & Notifications API

Future plans for Bankline Direct APIs

We understand every single payment you make is business critical, so our key focus is building a secure, and scalable service

We are currently working on enhancements and aim to deliver:

  • Notifications Enquiry API (Corporate API only) providing the ability to enquire about a payment status notification
  • Bulk Payments API to enable the processing of greater volume of payments and notifications
  • Integration of Autopay Direct Bacs API hosting Bankline Direct APIs in one place

Interested in Bankline Direct APIs? Get in touch

If you’re an existing NatWest customer, get in touch with your Relationship Manager directly.

If you’re new to us, or prefer to register your interest, send us your details using the link below and we’ll be in touch.