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Bonds | NatWest Corporates and Institutions

If you’re looking at diversifying your funding sources and accessing institutional investors then we could help you attract non-bank debt financing in multiple currencies.

With extensive experience across the fixed income spectrum, we could support with originating, structuring and marketing fixed income securities to investors.

Whether you’re looking for a private placement, hybrid capital or asset-backed securities; or to issue commercial paper or a bond, we could help your business access both the domestic and international institutional investors it’s looking for.

Often used for larger amounts, funding diversification, or longer tenors, the fixed income markets provide solutions in a range of ways:

Hybrid Capital

For clients looking to access financing or to strengthen their balance sheet without the need for extra equity from shareholders, hybrid capital could provide a tax efficient solution.

The equity treatment reduces gearing and the subordination could create further debt capacity from both the bank and the debt capital markets.

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Liability Management

We can advise on capital structure optimisation and deliver solutions to proactively manage your liabilities through the execution of tender offers, debt exchanges and consent solicitations. Liability management transactions are often executed in conjunction with larger financing transactions, and we seamlessly integrate these within the Syndicate desk.

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Commercial Paper

If your funding requirement is more short-term – i.e. for the financing of payroll, accounts payable, inventories, and meeting other working capital commitments – then tapping the money market through commercial paper could be a more convenient financing method that avoids the cost and effort of securing a loan.

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Please get in touch through your relationship manager or usual bank contact if you’d like to find out more about how we could support you.

Ratings Advisory

Helping clients obtain, manage and optimise their credit ratings – especially through transformational events such as mergers acquisitions, spinoffs, recapitalisations, buy-backs or leveraged buyouts.

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Climate, ESG and Sustainable Finance

Supporting customers through every step of their sustainability journey to create a greener, fairer and more inclusive economy.

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