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FX Trading

FX analysis and execution with Agile Markets

Agile Markets

Our single-dealer trading platform


Agile Markets is our online platform for managing your currency needs. With trading, analysis, commentary and post-trade functionality, it’s a streamlined way to trade and navigate foreign exchange (FX) markets.

  • Customise to your needs
    Tailor your execution strategies to your business needs
  • Insights, ideas and commentary to inform your decision making
    Access to NatWest Markets’ latest strategy views across FX, rates, credit and economics, alongside sales commentary and trade ideas
  • Wide market coverage
    Trade on over 100 direct rates and currency pairs, including liquid local market currencies
  • Algos to support your execution goals
    Our suite of FX algorithms are designed to optimise execution and pricing whilst minimising market impact
  • Secure, reliable platform and compatible with your IT setup
    View in a browser or as a lightweight desktop app, with two-factor authentication for secure access 
  • Support is on hand
    Our team is available to help 24 hours, Monday to Friday

Why Agile Markets?

SMEs and Corporates

Get real-time FX quotes and booking
Trade 100 direct rates and crosses as spot, forwards, swaps and options

Automate FX trades
Automate regular and repetitive currency sweeps, based on rules you set

Rich analysis with currency charts
Search up to 10 years of historic data across multiple currency pairs

Easily monitor currency levels
Monitor the latest indicative FX prices throughout the day

Get alerts on FX levels
Get email notifications when a level is reached in the FX market with Market Alerts

Take advantage of market movements
Automatically trigger an order when you’re away, with email and text notifications

Book and manage time options
Helping you to stay flexible

Excel integration, deal blotter and online confirmations
Upload to quote and book, one-click confirmations and easily download and print trade PDFs

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Get real-time FX quotes and streaming pricing
Trade 100 direct rates and crosses, including liquid local market currencies, as spot, forwards, swaps and options

Benefit from our suite of algo-driven orders
Overseen by our segregated order desk and optimised for the evolving FX market

Access a range of execution algos
Focusing on passive, low market-impact execution for executing spot and forward transactions. Monitor in real-time.

Explore our range of FX options
A dynamic FX options structure builder for a wide range of products, including TARNs

Automate with Gamma Hedger
Automate your risk management of FX options, with a range of algo strategies

Get ahead with our charting and opportunity search tools
A powerful tool with a detailed historical database to find trade ideas and other opportunities

Enjoy a streamlined process
From pre-trade through to post-trade with STP services, including splitting and allocations

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Agile Markets provides financial markets trading, analysis and post-trade functionality.

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Allowing you to shape and manage how you do business electronically in financial markets.

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How to access Agile Markets

You can access Agile Markets through a web browser or a desktop application for greater flexibility.

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Results of our Agile Markets’ customer satisfaction survey

Our survey of corporate customers revealed that, of the 115 respondents, 94% were either very satisfied or satisfied with their Agile Markets experience.

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