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An introduction to Digital Capital Markets

The potential benefits of new digital solutions are driving an evolution of capital markets. Digitalisation is broad, with many innovative technologies having the potential to build on current processes and create efficiencies. At NatWest, we’re taking a customer-centric approach to our digitalisation journey, focusing on three pillars to transform our business: to develop digital products with tangible benefits, to shape market thinking and to help our customers educate themselves.

These new digital technologies possess capabilities that stem from decentralised finance and have the potential to help address key challenges in capital markets globally:

  • Automation through smart contracts can reduce the manual processes which are often prone to inefficiencies.
  • The accessibility of data can provide unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability; this is particularly important for ESG bonds where the reporting on achieving ESG objectives has proven to be a challenge.
  • Digital assets could reduce the complexity of traditional issuances, helping to lower barriers to entry to a wider customer base.

We’re seeking to robustly challenge the preconceptions of the technology by piloting the applicability of digital assets, looking to find the specific value that we can bring to the market and to our customers. Through our strategic partnerships (see our case studies for more information) and looking towards regulatory sandboxes, we are committed to proactively helping to shape the digital asset ecosystem and to support our customers on this development.

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Case studies

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