Cost of living crisis

Inflation: we're ready for you

See the big picture with a Financial Health Check

Adjusting your plans to keep your goals on track is easier when you have a good view of your financial health. Our Premier Managers are available to help you plan ahead for those moments that matter most. Whether you’re planning a trip of a lifetime or thinking about retirement, our free Financial Health Check could help you turn your plans into action.


It’s so important to make sure you’re using your cash, insurances and lending in the most efficient way possible. We could help with all that and more through a confidential Financial Health Check.

Gemma Nuttall
Premier Manager

Gemma continues: “We’ll go through every aspect of your finances and see where you could potentially go further to get more from your money. It doesn’t take long but you could feel the potential benefits for years.”

Make sure you’ve got the right mortgage

With the Bank of England raising interest rates to 1.25% in June, now might be the time to review your mortgage options based on your individual circumstances. That could mean comparing variable verses fixed rate mortgages, or weighing up sticking verses switching your current deal. Our mortgage tools and calculators can help you see what you could be paying, with experts on hand if you want to discuss your options. 

NatWest Mortgages are available to over 18s. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Could your money work harder?

The current level of inflation may eat away at the value of your savings. So, if you don’t expect to access all of it in the immediate future, you may want to explore investing, perhaps through an easy-to-use online platform like NatWest Invest. Whether it's ISAs or a more general investment, a diversified portfolio or fund could help you weather inflation by potentially delivering higher returns.

Similarly, rolling your pensions into one could lead to lower management fees and give you a better picture of your retirement fund. It’s worth noting that savings accounts have their benefits too, particularly for more immediate needs. They can be more secure and give you faster access to your money. But investing for the long term – around five years or more – could also be worth considering.

Do keep in mind that the value of investments, and the income from them, can fall as well as rise and you may not recover the amount of your original investment. You should continue to hold enough cash for any short-term needs. Fees, charges and eligibility criteria apply for NatWest Invest. 

Savvy spending

When was the last time you compared insurance providers or utility suppliers? Whilst the economic climate looks rocky, the show goes on – so whether you’re eyeing up that extension, making the change to an electric car or planning your post-pandemic holiday, there’s no better time to look at your outgoings and shop around for the best deal. Our budget calculator is a simple but great tool to start with. 


24/7 support - your way, any time

As always, Premier 24 is available any time for your day-to-day banking needs or book an appointment with your Premier Manager if you need to discuss something more in-depth about your financial plans.

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