NatWest Markets Securities Japan Limited

Doing business in Japan

We’re here for you to do business, and a globally recognised part of NatWest Group. Find out more about our currencies, fixed income and capital markets service available in Japan.

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Our history with Japan

With roots going back to 1859, we’re now offering our services to clients in Japan and those that trade with Japan. Discover how it all started, and the people that are behind the NatWest Japan story.

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Important notice and policies

All our policies of business in one place. So if you need to see our personal information protection declaration, our privacy policy or our policy on anti-social forces, you’ll find it here.

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Words from our President

A message from Kenji Yamamoto , the President of NatWest Markets Japan. President Kenji talks about how NatWest Japan works internationally and the knowledge that the whole NatWest Japan team bring to your banking.

Annual report

Our annual report for NatWest Japan. This report is only in Japanese

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Financial highlights

See our latest results and archive for NatWest group

See our financial highlights

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